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The Future of Homeland Security

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The Future of Homeland Security




The American land is always under threat, terrorists penetrating into the homeland through sea, land and air and it is the duty of the Homeland Security to prevent that. This department of security has several missions and they are all to keep the United States safe and secure. The DHS has its challenges but still strives to do its job. What is it they do and where is this department of security headed in terms of providing safety? With the help of top 10 essay websites I tried to find the answers.


The core missions of the Homeland Security Department are not limited to one or two, they are in fact several. First of all, the role of the department ever since its creation after the September 11th attacks is to prevent terrorism and enhance security (Doty, 2015). DHS goal to counter terrorism has its challenges, as it works towards implementing solutions that work ,the enemies create new ways of getting through to the country and using innocent citizens to perpetrate wrong. Politics will always get in the way of curbing terrorism, as the divided views of leaders hinder with easy decision making. The department of Homeland Security has to deal with the changes by trying to be independent in implementing its policies towards becoming an effective security department.

Securing and managing the borders effectively cannot work well without cooperation from neighboring countries, thus creating another challenge as the department does its work. Homeland security will only thrive if the laws are enforced and administered in an open clear way, so that there are no loopholes for the Homeland Security while countering terrorism. There is much to be done; the future of Homeland Security is definitely bright as the job they have done over the years is remarkable. With a cooperative government, better immigration policies, controlled and a secure cyberspace building a nation of resilience will be doable (Kemp, 2012).


As the Department of homeland security works tirelessly to enhance security and stop terrorism the local, federal, state and private sector need to come in too, to work together in keeping the nation safe.

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